Prioritized Broadcast Contention Control in VANET

    •  Ye, F.; Yim, M.H.R.; Guo, J.; Zhang, J.; Roy, S., "Prioritized Broadcast Contention Control in VANET", IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), May 2010.
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Reliable and timely multi-hop propagation of messages among vehicles is essential for a safer and greener transportation system. Various broadcast-based forwarding strategies are envisioned for infrastructure-less vehicle-to-vehicle (v2v) communications. This paper proposes a prioritized broadcast contention control (PBCC) module/layer that provides reliable and low latency multi-hop connections. The PBCC forwarding algorithm optimizes the back-off distribution to improve the probability of successful broadcast and prioritizes forwarders based on location information. This module can be implemented in WAVE devices with minimum system modification. We integrate simple vehicular mobility models into ns-2 and implement a WAVE/802.11p communication protocol stack. Extensive simulations demonstrate PBCC's superiority in multi-hop delay.