Antenna Selection Training in MIMO-OFDM/OFDMA Cellular Systems

TR Image
Uplink transmit antenna selection training using sounding reference signals.

Antenna selection allows multiple-antenna systems to achieve most of their promised diversity gain, while keeping the number of RF chains and, thus, cost/complexity low. In this paper we investigate antenna selection for fourth-generation OFDMA-based cellular communication systems, in particular, 3GPP LTE (long-term evolution) systems. We propose a training method for antenna selection that is especially suitable for OFDMA. By means of simulation, we evaluate the SNR-gain that can be achieved with our design. We find that the performance depends on the bandwidth assigned to each user, the scheduling method (round-robin or frequency-domain scheduling), and the Doppler spread. Furthermore, the signal-to-noise ratio of the training sequence plays a critical role. Typically SNR gains are around 2 dB, with larger values obtainable in certain circumstances.