Hybrid Coherent and Frequency-Shifted-Reference Ultrawideband Radio

    •  Liu, H.; Molisch, A.F.; Zhao, S.; Goeckel, D.; Orlik, P., "Hybrid Coherent and Frequency-Shifted-Reference Ultrawideband Radio", IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM), ISBN: 978-1-4244-1043-9, November 2007, pp. 4106-4111.
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Ultrawideband communications often occur in heterogeneous networks where different receivers have different complexity and energy consumption requirements. In this case it is desirable to have a modulation scheme that works well with coherent receivers as well as simpler receivers, namely transmitted-reference (TR) receivers. In particular, we consider a TR scheme that employs slightly frequency-shifted reference (FSR) signals [15] and thus avoids one of the main drawbacks of conventional TR schemes, namely the need to implement a delay line. We propose and analyze a modulation scheme that works well with both FSR receivers (where it has the same performance as conventional TR modulation), and coherent receivers.