Multi-User Multi-Touch Games on DiamondTouch with the DTFlash Toolkit

    •  Esenther, A.; Wittenburg, K., "Multi-User Multi-Touch Games on DiamondTouch with the DTFlash Toolkit", Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (INTETAIN), November 2005.
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  • Research Area:

    Human-Computer Interaction

Games and other forms of tabletop electronic entertainment are a natural application of the new multi-user multi-touch tabletop technology DiamondTouch [3]. Electronic versions of familiar tabletop games such as ping-pong or air hockey require simultaneous touch events that can be uniquely associated with different users. Multi-touch two-handed gestures useful for, e.g., rotating, stretching, capturing, or releasing also have natural applications for entertainment applications built on electronic tabletops. Here we show a set of games that are illustrative of the capabilities of an underlying authoring toolkit we cal DTFlash. DTFlash is designed so that those familiar with Macromedia Flash authority tools can add multi-user multi-touch gestures and behaviors to web-enabled games and other applications for the DiamondTouch table.