Exhaustive Approaches to 2D Rectangular Perfect Packings

    •  N. Lesh, J. Marks, A. McMahon, M. Mitzenmacher, "Exhaustive Approaches to 2D Rectangular Perfect Packings", Tech. Rep. TR2004-059, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Cambridge, MA, April 2004.
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In this paper, we consider the two-dimensional rectangular strip packing problem, in the case wahere there is a perfect packing; that is, there is no wasted space. One can think of the problem as a jigsaw puzzle with oriented rectangular pieces. Although this comprises a quite special case for strip packing, we have found it useful as a subroutine in related work. We domonstrate a simple pruning approach that makes a brand-and-bound-based exhaustive search extemely effective for problems with less than 30 rectangles.