Low-Complexity Ultrawideband Transceiver with Compatibility to Multiband-OFDM

We present a low-complexity transceiver for ultrawideband communications with moderate (1-15Mbit/s) data rate. This transceiver is based on time-frequency-interleaved frequency-shift-keying (TF-FSK), and shows a high degree of compatibility with multiband-OFDM, the currently envisioned standard for high-data-rate (greater-than 100Mbit/s) UWB communications. We show that for dual-mode devices, the major part of the multiband-OFDM transceiver can be reused for the TF-FSK transceiver. We also study the performance of this transceiver in (standardized) UWB channels, and find that (depending on the data rate), coverage ranges of up to 30m (with LOS connection) are possible.