Intelligent Clusters and Collaborative Projector-based Displays

    •  Raskar, R.; van Baar, J.; Beardsley, P.A.; Forlines, C.; Dietz, P.H.; Esenther, A.W.; Leigh, D.L.; Ryall, K.; Shen, C.; Shipman, S.E.; Yerazunis, W.S., "Intelligent Clusters and Collaborative Projector-based Displays", NSF Workshop on Collaborative Virtual Reality and Visualization (CVRV), October 2003.
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    Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

As computing has moved off the desktop, visualization research in interaction, computer graphics and usability has become more interdisciplinary. In this paper we focus on our work in two areas. We describe self-configurable and scalable displays using ad-hoc clusters of enhanced self-contained projector units. Then, we discuss the development of multi-user touch-sensitive screens that support collaborative applications for projector-based displays.