An Efficient Low-Cost Time-Hopping Impulse Radio for High Data Rate Transmission

We present an efficient, low-cost implementation of time-hopping impulse radio that fulfills the spectral mask mandated by the FCC and is suitable for high-data-rate, short-range communications. The system was proposed to the IEEE 802.15.3a group for standardization as high-datarate personal-area network (PAN). Key features are: (i) all-baseband implementation obviates the need for local oscillators and other passband components, (ii) all sampling and digital signal processing is done at 200MHz, (iii) fast acquisition is accomplished by novel search algorithms,(iv) the spectral can be shaped adaptively to accommodate different spectrum regulations and interference environments. We show that this system can provide 110Mbit/s at 7-10m distance, as well as higher data rates at shorter distances. Due to the spreading concept of time-hopping impulse radio, the system can sustain multiple piconets, and can suppress narrowband interference effectively.