Multi-path Transport of FGS Video

    •  Zhou, J.; Shao, H.-R.; Shen, C.; Sun, M.-T., "Multi-Path Transport of FGS Video", Packet Video (PV), April 2003.
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  • Research Area:

    Digital Video

Fine-Granularity-Scalability (FGS) has been adopted into the MPEG-4 streaming video profile. The FGS framework allows the encoded video to be transmitted with flexible network bandwidth adaptation and error resilience ability. In many streaming video applications, multiple paths may be available in the network, such as the Internet overlay network, Ad-hoc network and MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Out) wireless channels, to transport the video stream. How to take advantage of this multi-path transport capability to effectively deliver an FGS stream has not been well studied. In this paper, we propose to separate the enhancement layer in the original FGS stream into multiple descriptions for effective transport over the multiple paths. Simulation result shows that our approach can improve the decoded visual quality.