Digi-Koi: A Game for Cell Phones

    •  Forlines, C., Marks, J., Schmidt-Nielsen, B., "Digi-Koi: A Game for Cell Phones", Tech. Rep. TR2002-56, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Cambridge, MA, June 2004.
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We describe a game for second-generation (2G) cell phones with small color screens, e.g., Mitsubishi Electric's J-D05 J-Phone. The game is a simulation that is based on the popular Japanese pastime of breeding koi (ornamental carp). It differs from other breeding-based games by attempting to emulate an existing real-world hobby: our digi-koi look like real koi and our simulated genetics exhibit many of the characteristics of real koi genetics. Other distinctive features of our game include two accommodations to the limitations and capabilities of the cell phone. Firstly, the genetic makeup and lineage of a digi-koi is represented in fewer than 70 bits, thereby minimizing data storage and facilitating the electronic transfer of koi genotypes via Short Messaging Service (SMS). Secondly, we have developed new interface widgets, tailored to the constraints of a cell-phone, for handling the browsing and selection operations needed for the game.