DiamondTouch SDK: Support for Multi-User, Multi-Touch Applications

    •  Esenther, A.; Forlines, C.; Ryall, K.; Shipman, S., "DiamondTouch SDK: Support for Multi-User, Multi-Touch Applications", ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), November 2002.
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  • Research Area:

    Data Analytics

DiamondTouch is a multi-touch input technology that supports multiple, simultaneous users; it can distinguish who is touching where. We present the DiamondTouch SDK; it provides support for the development of applications that utilize DiamondTouch s capabilities to implement computer-supported collaboration and rich input modalities (such as gestures). Our first demo illustrates the basic utilities and functionality of our system. Our second demo, a multi-user map application, highlights DiamondTouch s ability to sup-port input from multiple, simultaneous users and exploits Di-amondTouch s ability to identify the owner of each touch. Our third demo illustrates DiamondTouch s ability to run with existing applications by providing a mouse emulation mode. DiamondTouch is well-suited to shared-display applications. It is suitable for front-projected video of the computer display, which facilitates direct manipulation of user interface elements and provides a shared focus of attention for collab-orating users. Possible applications include command-and-control command posts, control rooms, business or technical meetings, and a variety of casual applications in the home, at schools, and in retail settings.