Visualization & Layout for Personal Photo Libraries

    •  Moghaddam, B.; Tian, Q.; Lesh, N.B.; Shen, C.; Huang, T.S., "Visualization & Layout for Personal Photo Libraries", International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing, September 2001.
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  • Research Area:

    Data Analytics

In this paper, we present visualization and layout algorithms that can enhance informal storytelling using personal digital data such as photos in a face-to-face social setting. In order to build a more intuitive browser for retrieval, navigation and story-telling, we introduce a novel optimized layout technique for large image sets which respects (context-sensitive) mutual similarities as visualized on a shared 2-D display (a table-top). The experimental results show a more perceptually intuitive and informative visualization of traditional CBIR-based retrievals, providing not only a better understanding of the query context but also aiding the user in forming new queries. A framework for user-modeling is also introduced and tested. This allows the system to adapt to the user's preferences and relevance feedback.