Shader Lamps: Animating Real Objects With Image-Based Illumination

    •  Raskar, R.; Welch, G.; Low, K.-L.; Bandyopadhyay, D., "Shader Lamps: Animating Real Objects with Image-Based Illumination", Eurographics Workshop on Rendering (EGRW), June 2001.
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  • Research Areas:

    Computational Photography, Computer Vision

We describe a new paradigm for three-dimensional computer graphics, using projectors to graphically animate physical objects in the real world. The idea is to replace a physical object with its inherent color, texture, and material properties with a neutral object and projected imagery, reproducing the original (or alternative) appearance directly on the object. Because the approach is to effectively “lift†the visual properties of the ob-ject into the projector, we call the projectors shader lamps. We address the central issue of complete and continuous illumination of non-trivial physical objects using multiple projectors and present a set of new techniques that makes the process of illumination practical. We demonstrate the viability of these tech-niques through a variety of table-top applications, and describe preliminary results to reproduce life-sized virtual spaces.