Dynamic Meshing Using Adaptively Sampled Distance Fields

    •  Pope, J.; Frisken, S.F.; Perry, R.N., "Dynamic Meshing Using Adaptively Sampled Distance Fields", ACM SIGGRAPH, August 2001.
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    Computer Vision

Many models used in real-time graphics applications are generated automatically using techniques such as laser-range scanning. The resultant meshes typically contain one or more orders of magnitude more polygons than can be displayed by today\'s graphics hardware. Numerous methods have been proposed for automatically creating level-of-detail (LOD) meshes from large input meshes. These techniques typically generate either one or more static LOD meshes, pre-computed before use in the application, or a dynamic mesh, where the LOD of the mesh adapts to frame rate requirements. We present a new dynamic LOD technique ideal for applications such as games and physical simulations based upon Adaptively Sampled Distance Fields (ADFs).