Reference Governor for Network Control Systems Subject to Variable Time-delay

    •  Di Cairano, S.; Kalabić, U.; Kolmanovsky, I.V., "Reference Governor for Network Control Systems Subject to Variable Time-Delay", Automatica (Journal of IFAC), DOI: 10.1016/j.automatica.2015.09.006, Vol. 62, No. C, pp. 77-86, December 2015.
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The handling of constraints in systems subject to variable time-delay is a challenging problem. It is particularly relevant to Network Control Systems (NCSs) in which a control system is remotely located with respect to the plant to be controlled. In this paper, we develop reference governors for controlling constrained systems subject to variable delays with a particular focus on the application to NCSs. In the proposed approach, which neither exploits nor depends on any explicit synchronization between the plant and the governor, the closed-loop dynamics are modeled by a sampled data system, for which input delays result in additive disturbances with magnitude proportional to the input rate of change. We first develop a network reference governor (netRG) that guarantees constraint enforcement and finite-time convergence for variable time-delay shorter than the sampling period. Then, we extend the network reference governor to the case of output feedback. Finally, we consider the case of long and potentially unbounded delay. The netRGs is evaluated in a case study of orientation control of a spacecraft with a flexible appendage.