Two-Way Cognitive Relay Networks with Multiple Licensed Users

    •  Kim, K.J.; Duong, T.Q.; Elksshlan, M.; Yeoh, P.L.; Nallanathan, A., "Two-Way Cognitive Relay Networks with Multiple Licensed Users", IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), December 2013.
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This paper tackles the important question of how to compensate the inherent spectrum efficiency loss in cognitive relay networks. Particularly, by considering two-way cognitive relaying, we seek to enhance the performance of the secondary network in terms of the reliability due to limited transmit power, and the spectral efficiency of the half-duplex dual-hop relay transmission. We derive new closed-form expressions for the outage probability of a cognitive relay network with two way communications in the presence of multiple primary users. Our expressions accurately take into account the impact of the maximum allowable interference constraint at the primary userson the secondary network.