Joseph Katz

Joseph Katz
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    After leading research in optical communications and optoelectronic devices and materials at Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a number of years, Joseph Katz went to Symbol Technologies, where as Senior VP of R&D he participated in, initiated, and led projects in a wide range of technologies, including barcode/RFID data capture, optics, imaging, signal processing, computing, networking, security, biometrics, and communications. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and the Optical Society of America, and holds more than 130 US patents. He joined MERL's management in 2004.

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  • MERL Publications

    •  Goubet, E.; Katz, J.; Porikli, F., "Pedestrian Tracking Using Thermal Infrared Imaging", SPIE Conference on Infrared Technology and Applications, June 2006, vol. 6206, pp. 797-808.
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    •  Vannucci, G.; Leigh, D.; Katz, J., "Wide-Area Long-Range Unidirectional Sensor (WALRUS) Network", IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems, November 2005, pp. 396-404.
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  • MERL Issued Patents

    • Title: "Method and Apparatus for Printing 3D Objects Using Additive Manufacturing and Material Extruder with Translational and Rotational Axes"
      Inventors: Yerazunis, William S.; Barnwell, III, John C.; Katz, Joseph; Brinkman, Dirk
      Patent No.: 9,481,131
      Issue Date: Nov 1, 2016
    • Title: "Cabling Configuration for Railless Elevators"
      Inventors: Shilpiekandula, Vijay; Yerazunis, William S.; Barnwell, III, John C.; Bortoff, Scott A.; Katz, Joseph
      Patent No.: 8,978,831
      Issue Date: Mar 17, 2015
    • Title: "Object Segmentation using Visible and Infrared Images"
      Inventors: Porikli, Fatih M.; Katz, Joseph
      Patent No.: 7,693,331
      Issue Date: Apr 6, 2010
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