Luigi (Lou) Baccari

Luigi (Lou) Baccari
  • Position:

    Manager Computational,
    Network Services & Purchasing
  • Education:
    B.Sc., University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Biography

    Lou has 23 years of experience in the System and Network Administrations field. For the 6 years prior to joining MERL he worked at HP/Compaq's Cambridge Research Labs providing System and Network. Previous to that he worked for Force Computers, Lycos and Digital Equipment Corp. as Data Center Manager and in various System/Network Support roles.

  • MERL Publications

    •  Degraux, K., Kamilov, U., Boufounos, P.T., Liu, D., "Online Convolutional Dictionary Learning for Multimodal Imaging", arXiv, June 2017.