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Alan Sullivan
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    First at U.C. Berkeley, then at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Alan studied interactions between ultra-high intensity femtosecond lasers and plasmas. Prior to joining MERL in 2007, he worked at a series of start-ups where he developed a novel volumetric 3D display technology. At MERL His research interests include computational geometry and computer graphics.

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    •  EVENT   MERL to participate in Xconomy Forum on AI & Robotics
      Date & Time: Tuesday, March 28, 2017; 1:30 - 5:30PM
      MERL Contacts: Joseph Katz; Daniel Nikovski; Alan Sullivan; Jay Thornton; Anthony Vetro; Richard (Dick) Waters; Jinyun Zhang
      Location: Google (355 Main St., 5th Floor, Cambridge MA)
      Research Areas: Multimedia, Data Analytics, Computer Vision, Mechatronics
      • How will AI and robotics reshape the economy and create new opportunities (and challenges) across industries? Who are the hottest companies that will compete with the likes of Google, Amazon, and Uber to create the future? And what are New England innovators doing to strengthen the local cluster and help lead the national discussion?

        MERL will be participating in Xconomy's third annual conference on AI and robotics in Boston to address these questions. MERL President & CEO, Dick Waters, will be on a panel discussing the status and future of self-driving vehicles. Lab members will also be on hand demonstrate and discuss recent advances AI and robotics technology.

        The agenda and registration for the event can be found online:
    •  EVENT   MERL hosts Boston Imaging and Vision Meetup
      Date & Time: Tuesday, January 17, 2017; 6:00 pm
      Speaker: Tim Marks, Esra Cansizoglu and Carl Vondrick, MERL and MIT
      MERL Contact: Alan Sullivan
      Location: 201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA
      Research Areas: Computer Vision, Computational Photography
      • MERL was pleased to host the Boston Imaging and Vision Meetup held on January 17. The meetup is an informal gathering of people interested in the field of computer imaging and vision. According to the group's website "the meetup provides an opportunity for the image processing/computer vision community to network, socialize and learn". The event held at MERL featured three speakers, Tim Marks and Esra Cansizoglu from MERL, as well as Carl Vondrick, an MIT CS graduate student in the group of Prof. Antonio Torralba. Roughly 70 people attended to eat pizza, hear the speakers and network.

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  • MERL Issued Patents

    • Title: "System and Method for Determining Feedrates of Machining Tools"
      Inventors: Erdim, Huseyin; Sullivan, Alan
      Patent No.: 9,892,215
      Issue Date: Feb 13, 2018
    • Title: "Method and System for Rendering 3D Distance Fields"
      Inventors: Frisken, Sarah F.; Perry, Ronald N.; Sullivan, Alan
      Patent No.: 9,336,624
      Issue Date: May 10, 2016
    • Title: "System and Method for Performing Undo and Redo Operations during Machining Simulation"
      Inventors: Sullivan, Alan; Konobrytskyi, Dmytro
      Patent No.: 9,304,508
      Issue Date: Apr 5, 2016
    • Title: "Hybrid Adaptively Sampled Distance Fields"
      Inventors: Sullivan, Alan
      Patent No.: 9,122,270
      Issue Date: Sep 1, 2015
    • Title: "Analyzing Volume Removed During Machining Simulation"
      Inventors: Erdim, Huseyin; Sullivan, Alan
      Patent No.: 8,935,138
      Issue Date: Jan 13, 2015
    • Title: "System and Method for Simulating Machining Objects"
      Inventors: Sullivan, Alan; Manukyan, Liana
      Patent No.: 8,838,419
      Issue Date: Sep 16, 2014
    • Title: "System and Method for Identifying Defects of Surfaces Due to Machining Processes"
      Inventors: Sullivan, Alan; Yoganandan, Arun R
      Patent No.: 8,532,812
      Issue Date: Sep 10, 2013
    • Title: "System and Method for Optimizing Machining Simulation"
      Inventors: Sullivan, Alan; Yerazunis, William S.
      Patent No.: 8,483,858
      Issue Date: Jul 9, 2013
    • Title: "Volume-Based Coverage Analysis for Sensor Placement in 3D Environments"
      Inventors: Sullivan, Alan; Garaas, Tyler W
      Patent No.: 8,442,306
      Issue Date: May 14, 2013
    • Title: "A Method for Reconstructing a Distance Field of a Swept Volume at a Sample Point"
      Inventors: Frisken, Sarah F.; Perry, Ronald N.; Sullivan, Alan
      Patent No.: 8,265,909
      Issue Date: Sep 11, 2012
    • Title: "A Method for Simulating Numerically Controlled Milling Using Adaptively Sampled Distance Fields"
      Inventors: Frisken, Sarah F.; Perry, Ronald N.; Sullivan, Alan
      Patent No.: 8,010,328
      Issue Date: Aug 30, 2011
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